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Quarantine Haircut Fails – The funniest DIY haircuts being shared on social media, and it’s not just the men…

Life Without the Salon…

Have you been struggling to adapt to life without the salon? Split ends? Roots? General drab-ness? We get it. But a word of caution… if you’re thinking anything along the lines of “It’s just a haircut? How hard can it be?” – then remember, there’s a very good reason we pay people to do our hair!

And if quarantine has taught us one thing – it’s that hair-cutting techniques aren’t quite as easy to do as they look. But then again, desperate times call for desperate measures!

“It’s Just a Hair Cut? How hard can it be?”

Weeks in to lockdown, with hairdressers now but a distant memory, people in isolation have started taking matters in to their own hands, turning kitchens in to makeshift salons and enlisting the ‘help’ of family members…


Hashtags such as #covidhaircut #coronahaircut and #quarantinehair are accompanying the images that are now flooding social media, as self-isolators across the globe share their hilarious DIY disasters. Wonky fringes, mullets, bald patches, colour disasters…we’ve seen it all. Here are a few of our favourite quarantine hair cut fails.

Quarantine hair cut fail #1

“I did myself a bowl cut back when I had bleach blonde hair and, as shabby as it looked, I kind of styled it out. This time, however, things are different and it looks like I have a literal lid,” – Harry.

Quarantine hair cut fail #2

“I may have a distinction in dog grooming but that in no way means I can cut human hair” – John.

Quarantine hair cut fail #3

“Do NOT cut your husbands hair. No matter how much he begs you. Nothing good can happen. Especially if you make him look like Moe from the three stooges. I’m sorry Honey”. – Laura.

Quarantine hair cut fail #4

“My sister tried to give her dogs tail a haircut hahahahahahahahahah”. – Jackie.

Quarantine hair cut fail #5

“Hubby needed a trim and we figured, why not? How bad a job could I possibly do?”

Quarantine hair cut fail #6

“Finished Product! It turned out a little bit choppy because I was cutting off so much hair. With a little practice I think I could do a good job.”

Quarantine hair cut fail #7

“Got my 7 year old granddaughter to cut my hair. At least looking like a leper from behind, people are keeping 2 meters away.” – JL

Quarantine hair cut fail #8

” Quarantine + boredom + overconfidence = this monstrosity”

Quarantine hair cut fail #9


Quarantine hair cut fail #10

“I accidentally cut a massive triangle in to my fringe” – Lara.


We hope that you are finding lockdown bearable and that you enjoyed this selection of epic quarantine hair cut fails. Got any of your own pics to share? Show us on Facebook! We love staying in touch! So many of you have messaged us in the last few weeks to see how we are doing. It just goes to show the incredible warmth of human nature. We are so grateful to have such a lovely bunch of clients and we cant wait to see you all again.