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Winter Beauty Tips

Maintain your glow and avoid aging with our winter beauty tips, because the only thing that should flake this winter is snow…

Winter Skincare Tips #1: Exfoliate

Avoid a dull complexion throughout Autumn and Winter by regularly exfoliating with a brightening face scrub.

Top exfoliation treatment: Dermaplaning

If your skin is starting to look dull, scrape away dead cells and stay bright this season with Dermaplaning.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a highly effective exfoliation procedure that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin and peach fuzz with a sterile surgical scalpel.

The result? Skin that is rejuvenated, smooth and positively glowing.

Winter Skincare Tips #02: Moisturise

Between central heating and cold winds, our skin’s moisture is affected at this time of year. Invest in a balancing moisturiser to avoid drying out and (wrinkling!)

Top moisturising treatment: Deluxe Facial with Moisture Mask

Our Deluxe Facial includes an anti-aging moisture mask.  Investing in this treatment every 6 weeks during the colder months is a must.

Tell Me More About Facials

We have a selection of facials on offer to compliment your particular skin tone and will create a bespoke facial in accordance with your particular needs. Whether it’s dry skin, acne, oily skin or open pores; we can determine the very best products for you.

We always begin our deluxe facials with a detailed skin analysis. We then use a tailored combination of double cleansing techniques, exfoliation and purification methods to refine your skin, clear blemishes and regulate oil production. You will then be treated to a facial massage, followed by a face mask, moisturiser and sun protection.

Winter Skincare Tips #03: Stay Hydrated

In addition to moisturising, drink plenty of water and herbal tea to nourish the skin from the inside out.

Top hydrating treatment: Mesotherapy

This treatment involves tapping the skin’s surface with a vitamin cocktail to give it back its bounce. Mesotherapy works best on recently exfoliated skin so can be combined with Dermaplaning for truly impactful results.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic facial treatment that employs multiple, superfine injections of vitamins, minerals and other championed skin ingredients into the mesodermal layer of the skin.

The result? Brighter, visibly nourished and plumped up skin, with a reduction in fine lines and a firmer, improved texture.

Get Dynamic About Your Self-Care This Winter

Combing our winter beauty tips with professional treatments is key to avoiding lines and dull skin in winter.

Get a Deluxe Facial every six weeks throughout winter – CLICK HERE to book your first treatment.

Book Mestherapy and Dermaplaning together for best results.

Other Winter Warmers

A hot stone massage in one of our cabins will leave you cosy and relaxed. Dynamic is a top rated and award winning beauty salon in Eastbourne.