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From Boardroom to Beauty Salon: Maria Baxter is a Dynamic Woman

As part of our Dynamic Women series, we are turning our attention to Maria Baxter, proud owner of Dynamic Beauty Salon – the Eastbourne Herald‘s ‘Salon of the Year 2018/19’, because we think that her journey from boardroom to beauty salon is truly inspiring… 

Our ‘Dynamic Women’ series, shines a spotlight on incredible women within our community to help us understand what it took for them to be the dynamic woman they are today. 

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Why Wax To Remove Hair?

Waxing is one of the techniques of removing hair. It’s a very popular technique simply because the hair takes longer to come back as it is taking out by the root and when it does appear, it isn’t as strong. Our dedicated team at Dynamic salon have found that their consistent clientele that comes for waxing over the years, their hair hardly comes back at all!…

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Why does my hair need cutting?

Why does my hair need cutting? This is a question as an experienced hair stylist I hear so often. The reason we need to have our hair trimmed even the stylist is because of split ends .what are split ends and why do we get them? The reason we get split end is not always because we don’t look after our hair it can just be the hair itself. The hair follicle opens and becomes dry which causes the hair …

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HD Brows In Eastbourne

Life in HD brows

HD brows is the latest breakthrough in eyebrow technology.

HD Brows is a seven step eyebrow shaping treatment, it involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, tweezing, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brow powders.

Your Brow maybe overgrown or over plucked, HD Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel.…

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Wax In Eastbourne

10 Rules for Waxing

DON’T turn up in your sexiest, laciest thong (unless of course your waxer is male and gorgeous…but what are the chances?).

DO allow yourself to wonder, as she rips off the wax strip, how many men would be prepared to suffer the same indignities.…

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Threading Eastbourne

THREADING In Eastbourne

It’s a one-way ticket to better brows no matter what you’re starting with. If you are a virgin to hair removal technique, let us enlighten you. The cotton-twisting treatment is not at all scary, but because it’s nice to know what to expect, we’ve broken it down below:…

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Hot Wax Eastbourne

Waxing in Eastbourne

Waxing in Eastbourne.

Why Waxing is better Than Shaving ?

Waxing Is Better Than Shaving for a multitude of reasons! Those of you who currently wax on a regular basis will agree with me, I’m sure!. If you’re not already convinced, here are a few reasons why  Waxing Is Better Than Shaving!…

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Woman Having A Massage At Dynamic

Everybody Deserves a Massage Week – Massages in Eastbourne

Everybody Deserves a Massage : and this is Why ….
Nearly 90% of people report having stress-related headaches, according to the National Headache Foundation. Did you know massage can help with that? , regular  massages can ease the tension and the pain.

Rest and relaxation can be hard for the average adult constantly on the run. But a massage every now and then has proven to be beneficial.…

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Hair And Beauty Salon In Eastbourne

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This week the UK is expecting temperatures set to hit the mid thirties which means one thing: Summer is finally here. Whether you’re setting off on holiday or planning on sunbathing in your back garden, you may well be showing some skin over the next week or so, which means it’s time to tackle unwanted hair. There are solutions form temporary to permanent hair reduction. Here’s four ways to be beach (or beer garden).…

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