Eyelash Extension

Dynamic offers two types of eyelash extensions: semi-permanent lash extensions and individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

The difference?

Individual Lash Extensions:

These eyelashes are filled in between your own lashes, to appear thicker and become easily noticeable. You can have either a half or a full set of eyelashes. They last for about 3-6 weeks; however, with careful maintenance and regular refills, they can last longer. At Dynamic salon fro individual lash treatment, we use the renowned brands Lash Perfect and NovaLash.

Semi-Perm Lash Extensions:

These are added in a collection of a few lashes ( cluster lashes ) on top of your own eyelashes. They last for about 5-7 days

Lash Perfect lashes feel light and comfortable on the eyes. Unlike self applied eyelash extensions, these are professionally applied and cause no damage to the natural eyelashes.

Lash Perfect lashes will make the natural lashes appear darker; this is because they are thicker.

Lash Perfect lashes, with regular maintenance and proper care, may last up to 3 to 6 weeks. To sustain the fullness of the lashes and uphold the appearance of them it is recommended to have a touch up or infill every three weeks.

Lash Perfect Ultimate adhesive complies with all EU regulations and it is effective and safe to use.

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions may be removed at any time by a professionally trained beautician.


NovaLash have developed their product formulas in a specialized academic research facility. The company is owned and operated by a team of physicians, scientists, and cosmetic chemists, who uphold the utmost values for wellbeing and beauty in the industry.

NovaLash develop safe, high quality cosmetic adhesives, based on components from surgical glue and hold the highest recognition within the industry.

As lash extension products are exceptionally close to the eye, health and safety standards are used throughout the application process.

When NovaLashes are properly applied, they can last up to two months. After the initial application, a touch up is recommended to re-apply any lashes that may have fallen off. Lashes applied properly will last for the length of each eyelash hairs’ natural growth cycle.

Eye lash extensions  £50.00

Eyelash extensions is a relaxing treatment where lash extensions are applied to each individual lash by trained technicians, this will enhance the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Lash extensions require in fills after 2-3 weeks.


Eye lash extension infills £25.00

Your full set of lashes may require infills after 2-3 weeks where any gaps can be filled with fresh lashes creating a fuller fresh look.

Cluster lash extensions £20.00

Cluster lashes are perfect for a party or special occasion when you want to have thicker fuller lashes. Clusters of lashes are applied to your own lashes, which will last for around a week.


Only a qualified therapist should supply lash extension services.

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