Why Wax To Remove Hair?

Waxing is one of the techniques of removing hair. It’s a very popular technique simply because the hair takes longer to come back as it is taking out by the root and when it does appear, it isn’t as strong. Our dedicated team at Dynamic salon have found that their consistent clientele that comes for waxing over the years, their hair hardly comes back at all!

Waxing reduces the risk of unwanted ingrown hairs and is definitely better for irritation that you get from using a razor or creams.

Waxing should be done between  4-6 weeks and you should allow your hair to grow until your next appointment for waxing.

wax to remove hair

There are two different types of wax, hot wax and warm wax, here is a summary of the differences of the two waxes and the pros and cons.

Wax : What’s the difference?

Warm wax also called strip wax : this wax can be honey, crème with any colour and is usually very sticky. Warm wax does essentially the same job as hot wax but involves using coated wax strips. Warm wax or strips wax are messier than hot wax, more sticky. Also , some people report that is not as effective as hot wax as it leaves some little hair still attached to the skin. Warm wax is applied and spread over the area after which a paper or muslin strips is pressed over it to adhere to both the wax and the hairs, and then pulled off removing the hairs in that area from the root..

Hot wax and warm wax both remove the hair from the root but there are differences in how they are applied, the results they provide and the types of hair each is used on


Because it is applied and removed straight away, the warm wax can be used quickly and efficiently over large areas such as the legs, arms, etc. It is definitely the perfect wax for legs, arms, chests and backs, as it is quick and relatively painless. In our opinion, strip wax should never be used on sensitive intimate areas as it can cause skin lifting, soreness and often bruising. The outside of the bikini line is fine if the skin is toned and taut ( ie. younger skins).

leg waxing

Hair Types

Warm wax is spread over the hair adhering both to the hairs and skin, so often this method of waxing will wax off the very top layer of the skin too, providing an exfoliating effect to the skin along with the hair removal for extra smooth results. However smooth it will be sticky after the treatment.

Hot wax/ Non strip wax – This type of wax is used at a higher temperature and the wax is a setting one so no strip is used – we just need to flick off to get it removed. It doesn’t stick to the skin, only the hair, so is much better to use on sensitive areas, like the face, underarms and bikini area, leaving the skin perfectly smooth and comfortable, with minimal irritation and redness. The wax is very much like chewing gum texture so there is little breakage.

The temperature of  hot wax is warm to slight higher temperature. Hot wax is much thicker wax made up of plastics too , that consistency allows the wax to set hard. It is applied to the skin, allowed to cool and set, and then flick and pull directly off without the use of a paper strip. This kind of wax is usually  used over smaller areas for more efficient treatments times, as it takes a moment for hot wax to cool and set. Intimate areas pubic area are most commonly treated with hot wax.

Because hot wax sets around each of the hairs, it makes for a better grip and removal of thicker hairs that may be too stubborn to remove by warm wax. Hairs on the pubic area and underarms which grow thicker than other body hair are best removed with the hot wax for a cleaner and smoother result. The hot wax is also more effective at removing shorter hairs for this same reason of being able to adhere to the hair more for a better grip.

Because hot wax molds onto the skin and grips at each individual hair more tightly than warm wax strips, hot wax treatments are better at removing shorter hair. Many reports about waxing affirm that hot wax causes less reddening of the skin than cold wax, therefore making it a preferable option for those who have sensitive skin.

hair removal waxing

So we talked about hot and warm wax, but,  what about where to wax? Should we do it ourselves, or go to a salon? Like with all methods of hair removal, the best results are achieved by a professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience about the procedure. The hair is more easily ripped off when it is at a 40-degree angle and when either the cloth or strip is removed very quickly.

When left in novice hands accomplishing these tasks can prove to be easier said than done and many people who try waxing themselves are often left with only partially waxed skin. Although practice does make perfect and most people improve their waxing technique with perseverance and find that waxing at home is a much more inexpensive and convenient option than visiting a salon.

Now, some skin is more sensitive than other types of skin and is more prone to having an allergic reaction to both hot and cold wax. Organic wax is available, which contains purely organic ingredients, including aloe, which helps to reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

Like most organic products, organic wax is slightly more expensive than regular wax. Homemade solutions are another option. Many people choose to make their own wax by putting sugar, lemon and honey into a microwavable bowl and heating the mixture until it is hot and gooey.

Waxing, whether it is with hot wax or a cold wax strip is an extremely efficient and inexpensive way of removing surplus and unattractive hair from our bodies, providing you can survive the pain, of course.


  • Hot wax is great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t pull the skin and only takes away hair.
  • Hot wax is perfect for interment waxing,  reduces the risk of damage to the skin, bruising to the area and is less painful.
  • This wax should be used on small areas e.g. underarm, eyebrow, lip, interment areas
  • Hot wax is great for clients with strong hair.
  • It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax
  • Its good at removing shorter hairs


  • Waxing can be done quickly and efficiently with this wax
  • This wax is used for all areas, its great for large areas
  •  It is a low cost method of hair removal, which is why it is the preferred method by most clients.
  • The client is free of hair for a longer time period, and with constant treatment can   notice restricted growth.
  •  Hair grows back thinner and the skin looks and feels softer

Why does my hair need cutting?

Why does my hair need cutting? This is a question as an experienced hair stylist I hear so often. The reason we need to have our hair trimmed even the stylist is because of split ends .what are split ends and why do we get them? The reason we get split end is not always because we don’t look after our hair it can just be the hair itself. The hair follicle opens and becomes dry which causes the hair to split on the ends if the hair is not regularly trimmed the hair shaft will separate from the ends working up the hair shaft the longer it’s left. This then causes breakage and sometimes dry hair.

hair salon eastbournehair salon eastbourne

To prevent breakage happening the required time for a haircut or trim is every 6 to 8 weeks. This will keep the ends looking blunt, fresh and very healthy. Another way of looking after your hair to help with split ends is by using a hair mask once a month or a deep conditioning treatment every 2 weeks. This won’t stop split ends but it will help keep the hair healthy. When using the hair mask you have to shampoo once or twice whichever your preference towel dry the hair by dabbing not rubbing apply the hair mask massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow then wrap in cling film then a warm towel it is best that the towel keeps being soaked in hot water rung out then again wrap around the head over the cling film. Do this procedure for 15-20 minutes once a month over a few months what a difference you will see. The conditioning treatment when applied, using the same procedure, shampoo once or twice, dab dry apply conditioner and massage through then rinse. It is vital you use a shampoo, conditioner and mask to match your hair type. Frizzy hair go for smoothing hair conditioner and shampoo. Coloured hair go for shampoo and conditioner for coloured and the same if you hair is dry and brittle.

hair salon eastbourne

A lot of clients ask “why does my hair look frizzy when its blow dried?”. This will sometimes be different hair types. Brittle hair will always go frizzy as the hair follicle is permanently open. Using a serum before and after will not prevent but help this. Over processed hair i.e. colour or perm, the same thing will happen. Curly hair blow dried from curly to straight, again using the right products will help for thick, curly, fine and any other types of hair. Autumn is arising so now is the time to buy the right products and listen and work with your stylist. You know your hair best, the stylist can advise you on what she/he thinks is right but if you don’t work as a team you won’t get the finish you want. You will feel as good as your hair feels.

hair salon eastbournehair salon eastbourne

So, to recap;

  • Apply the right products for your hair
  • Understand why your hair does this things it does
  • Trimming is essential every 6-8 weeks
  • Undoing this process can lead to bad hair
  • Listen to the advice of your Stylist
  • Never have split ends again!

To all my clients old and new, I hope this blog helps you to understand your hair. I will be back next month for more info on how to care for coloured hair.

Thanks for reading!

Helen, Your Stylist at Dynamic Hair and Beauty

Life in HD brows

HD brows is the latest breakthrough in eyebrow technology.

HD Brows is a seven step eyebrow shaping treatment, it involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, tweezing, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brow powders.

Your Brow maybe overgrown or over plucked, HD Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel.
Eyebrows are a vital part of your appearance . Eyebrows  frame your face and over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them. what’s more the right brow shape and colour can take years off you!!.

Here what some of our clients say :

HD brows has completely transformed my face making me feel younger and it takes me half the time to get ready in the morning now.

Absolutely love my brows am defiantly a HD addict !!!

10 Rules for Waxing

DON’T turn up in your sexiest, laciest thong (unless of course your waxer is male and gorgeous…but what are the chances?).

DO allow yourself to wonder, as she rips off the wax strip, how many men would be prepared to suffer the same indignities.

DON’T opt for a Brazilian if you’re prone to shyness. Kneeling on a table, naked from the waist down, is neither fun not dignified.

DO experiment with down there styles. You might fancy a short back and sides, a full-on ‘Hollywood’ (yep, that’s completely bald)

We Recommend

DON’T strike up a conversation with the poor waxing lady about the last time you found yourself on all fours. Too much information.

DO think happy thoughts to distract you from the post-strip sting. Repeat after us, ‘shoes, holidays, chocolate…’

DON’T feel silly for keeping your socks on. Yes, you look weird, but there’s no point suffering cold toes as well as a painful crotch!

DO maintain your waxing regime. Your beautician would rather not contend with your overgrown lady garden once a year before your summer holiday.

DON’T book an emergency wax before a hot date…You don’t really want to accessorise your landing strip with a red rash.

DO resist asking your man to come along and hold your hand. We know it’s painful but there are some things he should never see…


THREADING In Eastbourne

It’s a one-way ticket to better brows no matter what you’re starting with. If you are a virgin to hair removal technique, let us enlighten you. The cotton-twisting treatment is not at all scary, but because it’s nice to know what to expect, we’ve broken it down below:

– Bearable pain. Depending on the therapist/your tolerance/the time of the month threading .feels like tweezing multiple hairs at once. Obviously try not to flinch during it.

– One at a time, you’ll be asked to pull your eyelids in opposing directions, so the skin is taught and easy for the therapist to work on. If they assume you’ve been before, expecting you to know what to do, ask and they’ll explain!

– For the above reason don’t wear lots of eye makeup or you’ll probably smudge it everywhere

– Uncontrollable side effects include random sneezing and eye watering – they might literally stream (not from the pain, but the sensitivity)

We Recommend

– Be prepared for the therapist to forgo asking what shape you want and to just get to work on instinct. So if you’re growing out your arches, for example, be sure to specify and they should advise you on the best strategy

– They might question whether you want your brows “trimmed or not” after the threading; it’s optional but it makes unruly hairs look much neater. If you have especially fine hair or sparse brows you might want to decline

– When the shaping is done, they’ll show you the results in a handheld mirror and it’s easy to automatically say “great!” – but look closely and ask for tweaks if you’re not 100% happy

We Recommend

– Next comes the option for Aloe Vera gel. Say “yes” to it, it’s rather cooling and soothing plus will help to reduce redness

– You will temporarily experience rosy skin (some suffer worse than others), so you might not want to go straight out on a date afterwards, but it’ll last an hour, max

-You’ll be told not to apply concealer/foundation afterwards and don’t ignore the advice; makeup could clog the pores left open by the hair removal and cause spots

We Recommend

– What you should focus on instead is the fact you’ll have your best brows EVER. Formerly sparse, overgrown, wonky or wild brows will all see amazing transformations from threading

There’s no need to pluck between appointments, but when you feel the need to (after 5-6 weeks), save them up for a week and re-book

Waxing in Eastbourne


Waxing in Eastbourne.

Why Waxing is better Than Shaving ?

Waxing Is Better Than Shaving for a multitude of reasons! Those of you who currently wax on a regular basis will agree with me, I’m sure!. If you’re not already convinced, here are a few reasons why  Waxing Is Better Than Shaving!

1. No Razor Burn

Have you ever had razor burn? Not only is it painful and itchy, but it also looks terrible! No one wants to put on a bikini or a tank top with red, bumpy razor burn on their bikini line or underarms. Waxing is better than shaving because it eliminates razor burn completely.


2. Reduces Hair Regrowth

If you repeatedly wax an area of the body, over time the hair will grow in less and less. This is caused by hair papilla damage caused by waxing. The hair papilla is responsible for supplying nutrients to the hair in order for it to grow. Without the papilla, the hair can’t grow.

3. Hair Grows in Soft

I hate the way spikey stubble feels! It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. When you shave your hair, you are cutting it off leaving a blunt tip. When you wax the hair, you remove it from the root, so when it grows back it has a fine tip that is soft not pokey. Waxing is better than shaving because you don’t have to deal with spikey stubble!

4. Long Lasting Results

Waxing is better than shaving because the results usually last up to a month while shaving must be done daily! Sure, the hair begins growing back during this time, but it’s finer and softer than when you shave. You have to let the hair grow back out in order to wax it again, but the hair is much less noticeable and doesn’t require you to shave it.


Everybody Deserves a Massage Week – Massages in Eastbourne

Everybody Deserves a Massage : and this is Why ….
Nearly 90% of people report having stress-related headaches, according to the National Headache Foundation. Did you know massage can help with that? , regular  massages can ease the tension and the pain.

Rest and relaxation can be hard for the average adult constantly on the run. But a massage every now and then has proven to be beneficial.

Maria Zazo a Massage Therapist at Dynamic salon in Eastbourne says, ” Everybody Deserves a Massage Week, We have a lot of people come in with headaches, neck and shoulder tension. It stems from our posture. When sitting at computer we tend to lean forward. But a massage can reinforce healthy movement and alleviate certain medical conditions.”

” I usually start by loosening the muscles. I feel the tension usually in the back and the neck at the base of the skull and there are little muscles and they get really tight and cause headaches at the back of the head. Even these muscles on the side of your neck can cause pain in you back chest and down your arm. What are tight on a lot of people are these muscles on the side of the neck. These are called the scalene muscle and muscle.”

There are ways to manage comfort from home too, like staying hydrated because dehydration can cause muscles to become tight “.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of massages and receive one, Everybody Deserves a Massage Week for – Massages in Eastbourne Call us at Dynamic 0771425 6772.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This week the UK is expecting temperatures set to hit the mid thirties which means one thing: Summer is finally here. Whether you’re setting off on holiday or planning on sunbathing in your back garden, you may well be showing some skin over the next week or so, which means it’s time to tackle unwanted hair. There are solutions form temporary to permanent hair reduction. Here’s four ways to be beach (or beer garden) .

Short on time?
Shaving is many women’s option when it comes to quickly removing unwanted body hair; it’s fast, easy and cheap, offers immediate results. Perfect for the busy beauties. The disadvantage ? daily shaving can cause ingrown hairs and also irritate skin. Shaving only removes hair from the surface of the skin, and it doesn’t treat the root of the hair follicle. You should wait 5 minutes after you step into the bath or shower before shaving; this ensures the hairs are hydrated and makes them softer (and easier) to cut achieving the best results.


Want to slow growth?
Waxing – at-home or in salon – is a great option. It is affordable, cost from an average of£20 – depending on the area. Waxing produces a gradual slowing of hair follicle, overtime, hair can also become thinner and lighter.The results aren’t long-term, meaning you’ll need top ups every 6 weeks or so.


Need a long term solution?
For some women (and men !) excess facial hair can be a confidence destroying problem. If you’re in need of a long-term solution you may be better off investing in a permanent form of hair removal. Electrolysis is actually the only proven way of permanently removing face and body hair – lasers and IPL only reduce hair, and can’t treat all types or colours. It works by weakening the hair over several sessions and eventually destroys it; regardless of its thickness, placement, or colour. Also, it can treat fair hair – so good news for blondes! A course of treatment is imperative and results can take a little time. Treatment cost varies vastly on how large the treatment area is, but you can kiss goodbye to embarrassing facial and body hair for good.



Got money to spend?
IPL and Laser treatments work wonders but can be quite costly. The intense energy stunts the hair follicle, which over time reduces ingrown hairs and irritation compared to cheaper options like shaving. Hair reduction lasers and IPL are designed to seek out the dark hairs specifically. The more contrast you have between your hair colour and your skin tone, the better the laser and IPL works. If you have light hair with light skin or dark hair with dark skin, or you want an entirely permanent solution, you may not be a prime candidate for IPL or laser and electrolysis might be more appropriate.


Ageless cream around the eyes Everybody talking about

Ageless cream around the eyes . Eye can’t believe is not Botox. Gets rid of the lines and bags around the eyes for 10 hours. We stock them at the salon
1 vial £7.00
2 vials £12.00
5 vials £25.00
Stock is going fast !
Ageless cream

Instantly Ageless is a powerful anti-wrinkle cream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide that works like botox—without the needles. Instantly Ageless revives the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.

How to Apply :
lightly pat a very thin layer of Ageless cream to targeted areas ( eyes , round the mouth ): leave damp on skin and remain expressionless for 2-3 minutes while product dries round the eyes to achieve dramatic results. Avoid contact with eyes but if the product gets into your eyes, flush with water.

Ingredients in Ageless Cream
Argireline : is widely know to produce significant results in anti-aging. It’s a peptide that works like botox in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Though Argireline is one of the most widely recognized anti-ageing treatments, not all formulas may work because a precise composition of Argireline is needed to achieve maximum results. Developing the right formula is a perfect science.
Sodium silicate and magnesium aluminium silicate : are an exclusive blend of two different silicates which when combined, promote a tightening effect on the skin. These silicates retract skin so pores appear smaller and wrinkles look lifted.