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Maria’s Lockdown Beauty Tips: How to Take Care of yourself during Quarantine!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. Now I know that beauty tips might seem a little trivial right now, but the reason I’ve decided to put this article together is because we’ve been getting lots of messages from you asking for advice. And guess what? I have plenty of time to help you at the moment, so here goes…! I’ve tried to cover all the main areas of concern. Enjoy! 

What’s the best thing to do about the dry skin on my hands?

With all the hand-washing and sanitising going on, it’s no wonder that so many of us are finding our hands are dry, irritated and in need of a little extra attention.

The first thing you need to make absolutely sure of at the moment is that you dry your hands carefully after washing – paying special attention to the area under your rings (that is the area where contact dermatitis is the most common).

Then, after washing and drying – apply a really good moisturiser. My absolute favourite is Avocado Oil – not just because it’s so effective, but because it’s totally natural and organic.

Any lockdown beauty tips for my lashes? And, what do I do about my eyelash extensions?

Now is a really good time to just let your lashes breath (especially if you normally have extensions). If your extensions are still there (or half there); please don’t pick them off – they will fall out when they are ready. And I want you to invest in an eyelash serum! Trust me on this one… it’s a game changer!

To treat those lockdown lashes – I can 100% recommend Rapid Lash. It’s the best eyelash serum I have ever used.

My nails?

Nails and lashes share a similar story so let nails breathe for now too. If you have shellac nails – please don’t pick them off! Either let them grow out OR… remove them as follows:

  1. Gently file the nail across the polish to disturb the seal
  2. Soak small pieces of cotton wool in acetone (which you can get in most chemists) and attach them to your nails using clips or tinfoil
  3. Leave for 15 minutes
  4. Take off tinfoil/cotton wool and gently remove colour with orange stick.
  5. Nourish your nails. My favourite product for this job by far  is CND Oil.

Is it easy to shape my nails at home?

Yes! And guess what? Selina has kindly contributed to my lockdown beauty tips and made a video tutorial for you…!

What about self-tanning?

You’d be forgiven of course for thinking ‘why bother’! BUT, the truth of the matter is that a lot of people struggle to master this skill. And what do we have a lot of right now? TIME!

This is the perfect time to practice! And let’s face it. A little extra colour makes most of us more cheerful!

Preparation is key to a good self-tan. Make sure you exfoliate first (if you’re out of body scrub – try adding brown sugar to your body wash), then use sweeping upward strokes (not circular!). My favourite brand? Sienna. And they do a great selection of tones too.

What about my face?

This really is the time to up your skincare game! Like your hair and nails, let your skin breathe – you don’t need to be wearing make up right now.

In addition, I suggest introducing your skin to retinol (if you haven’t already). It’s an absolutely incredible product – but many are put off by its peeling effects (you will likely face up to four weeks of some dryness and flaking). But as you are likely to be at home for the forseeable future… who cares? The time is now right? Retinol will work wonders for aging skin or acne – and it’s best to start off low (0.3% on alternative nights, building up to nightly and higher doses).

Finally, treat your skin to regular face masks. I love making masks at home, but don’t generally have the time to indulge – so now is the perfect chance. Yoghurt works really well for my skin – and if you are prone to spots – honey is great. Check out home made organic face masks and have some fun with it.

Happy Lockdown everybody. I hope you found something useful amongst my lockdown beauty tips and I look forward to seeing you again at the salon! Until then, stay safe and #stayathome.

Maria  XOX