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Gifts Ideas For Him

Men can be a real pain to buy for. Socks, pants, aftershave, they all get a bit dull after a while. But we might have the answer to your prayers with this unique and thoughtful gift…

The most popular male treatment at Dynamic Beauty Salon Eastbourne is… well, hold on, have a guess… It’s a process, it’s permanent, it’s to do with hair. Have you guessed it yet?

It’s IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal! And buying a course for your husband, partner, dad or best friend, could make you very popular.

So many men are bothered by body hair, but it’s something that just doesn’t get talked about much. Probably because there’s still a stigma attached to men wanting to look after their appearance. But if your partner has let on that he feels a disheartened by body hair, then IPL really is the perfect gift for him. The gift of confidence is the greatest gift of all! It’s permanent too, – so you are getting him a gift that will last forever.

IPL generally takes around 6 sessions and the best time to have it is in the winter. To find out more about IPL and our current special offer on the treatment CLICK HERE.

What else can I get him from Dynamic?

Our second most popular male treatment is waxing. You see? Hair again!! So if he’s bothered by hair but IPL is a little out of budget, a gift voucher for waxing might just do the trick.

Third favourite? It’s massage. Less surprising than the other two perhaps? But everyone loves a massage right? So with this in mind why not make it a joint experience with a couples massage. They’re a great way for you both to de-stress and re-connect. And of course, you get to treat yourself too – you deserve it.